Chicken a la Petey

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Title: Chicken a la Petey
Yield: 1 Servings


2 Chicken breast filets (these
-should be skinned)
1 Jar prepared tomato based
-pasta sauce (I use Ragulo
-brand that just has onion
-and garlic in addition to
-the tomatoes in it)
2 lg Bay leaves
Some chilli / chile / chilee
-powder (a couple of pinches
-to just give the sauce a
-slight piquance(sp?)
Some capers (drained)
1 md Onion finely chopped

For this recipe I would say that one pound of spaghetti would be too much.
Though I must say that I do tend towards the "too little" side of the
pasta/sauce ratio question.

I know with some sauces that I really like a lot of sauce, especially with
my lemon, ham, chilli and cream sauce tagliatelle. But then this is
sinfully good! (Recipe in the archives BTW). Or with my proper Bolognese
recipe. I say proper because the recipe which I use which comes from the
book "The Top 100 Pasta Sauces" (THE best pasta sauce book available, IMHO

The authenticity of the recipe was confirmed by Mrs Firanda, a native
Bolognese herself and wife of Samuele(sp?) Firanda, also a true native of
Bologna who worked all his life for the Maserati car company. He even
worked during the 1950's for their Formula 1 team as a mechanic and on
occasion drove the cars to the track before the race! Ah the sound of a
250F in full roar is one of those things that can't be beat! Unless, of
coarse, it is the sound of a 450SS in full roar!

(God is this story going to finish before one of us dies? says the faithful

Anyway, this bolognese recipe is also in the archives and it is amazing!
Definitely, not your average minced beef with a bit of tomato flavoured
stuff in it! This version contains finely chopped celery, finely chopped
carrot, white wine, cream, butter and is truly representative of the
beautiful Emilian cooking tradition!

I know that in Italy I would be considered a heretic because of the amount
of sauce I like with my pasta, but then I bloody cooked it, so I'll bloody
eat it the way I want!

OK! To apologise for such a long ramble here is a recipe to make up for it.
For your dining pleasure I present:

N.B. This recipe has been Danified (TM 1996) for your listening pleasure!

Chop the chicken breasts into fairly coarse pieces and fry them in a little
bit of olive oil in the saucepan that you are going to use to make the
sauce in. When browned lightly (add the finely chopped onion if desired and
fry until just beginning to brown) then add all the rest of the ingredients
and put on to simmer. Season using freshly ground black pepper and some
coarse sea salt (if desired).

Cook some fettucine as per directions taking care not to overcook. Serve
the pasta on warmed plates and top with the sauce.

This is simple and really tasty and is named after my little brother Peter.
Though he is not all that little (I've seen him in the shower)!
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