Chili Information

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Title: Chili Information
Yield: 1 Servings
Categories: Vegetables, Odd, Chilies, Hot


-Chilies come in many shapes
-and sizes, but one thing
-they all are....HOT!
-Some are hotter than
-others, some mildly hot,
-but they add excitement to
-a variety of nationalities
-cookery. Interestingly
-enough, although many
-chilies are sold when they
-are various shades of
-green, yellow, or red,
-they will all turn red if
-left of the vine long
-enough. Major varieties
-include Caribe and Flaoral
-Gem which are yellow
-chilies; Fresno which is
-light gree; Jalapeno, a
-dark green chili: Verde or
-Anaheim, the longer
-shaped green chili which is
-used in preparing chili
-relleno; Pasilla, a
-dark green, pointed chili;
-and the tiniest but hottest
-all, the
-Serrano chili. Many are
-available all year.

HOW TO CHOOSE AND STORE: Chilies should have bright, shiny skins and
shouldn't be shrivelled. Store in the refrigerator.

BASIC PREPARATION FOR COOKING: In commercial canneries, the tough though
thin skin of the chilies is removed either in a lye bath or in huge blast
furnaces which rush the chilies through and char the outside skin without
harming the meat at all. In the kitchen, though, thses methods are a bit
extreme! There ARE easier ways. If you are preparing one or two chilies,
spear them with a fork and char the skin over the surface unit of your
range. Rotate until the skin is black or blistered. Put in a small paper
sack and close the sack for a few minutes to let the chilies steam. Slip
off the skin. If you are doing anumber of chilies, here is another method.

BROILER METHOD: Spread chilies on broiler pan under high heat. Turn chilies
frequently until charred or blistered. Put in paper bag for 15-20 minutes.
Remove skins, trim off stem and remove all see and veins. (The seeds are
the hottest part of the chili.)

**NOTE OF CAUTION** The juice of chili peppers is not only hot enought to
light a fire in your food, but it can also cause a lot of discomfort if
rubed on the skin. Always remember to wash your hands thoroughly after
cutting or handling chilies. If you have ever inadvertently rubbed your
face or eyes with chili juice on your hands, you know what we mean! If
you're using freshly chopped chilies in salads, sauces or vegetables, chop
them as finely as possible. A tiny morsel goes a long way.

Origin: Odd Vegetable Cookbook Shared by: Sharon Stevens From: Dorothy
Flatman Date: Mon, 03-2

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