Clown Make-Up

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Title: Clown Make-Up
Yield: 1 Servings
Categories: Kids, Stuff


2 ts White shortening
5 ts Cornstarch
1 ts White all-purpose flour
Add glycerin as desired
-(obtainable at
Drug stores)

Using a rubber spatula, blend the first three ingredients on a white plate
until a smooth paste is formed. Add 3-4 drops of glycerin for a creamier

Yield: Should be enough to complete a child's face. If you need more
make-up, make the amount you will need before adding the coloring. After
making the amount you will need, add food coloring one drop at a time,
blending after each drop until you have the desired shade. For best results
when applying the make-up to the face, stroke in one direction. For easy
removal, use shortening, cold cream, or baby oil.

NOTES : (white and other color) Posted to MC-Recipe Digest V1 #571 by
Darryl & Kelly Youngblood on Apr 16, 1997