Coffee Meringue Kisses

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Title: Coffee Meringue Kisses
Yield: 24 Servings
Categories: Candy


3 Egg whites
1/8 ts Cream of tartar
1 c Sifted castor sugar
1 ts Instant coffee powder
3/4 c Cream
Vanilla essence

From: (Doreen Randal)

Date: Thu, 11 Nov 93 13:20:58 PST

Line 3 trays with non-stick paper. Beat egg whites on low speed with
electric beater until frothy. Add cream of tartar and beat on highest speed
until peaks hold their shape. Gradually beat in 3 Tbs of sifted sugar and
continue beating for 2-3 mins. until mixture is stiff. Remove beaters and
sprinkle coffee powder and remaining sugar over the mixture and fold in
quickly and carefully with a metal spoon. Pipe or drop tsp of the mixture
on to trays. Bake in a slow oven 125 degs C. for 1 hr. Turn the meringues
with a spatula and lightly press the centre with thumb. Leave in oven
another 30 mins. with heat off, and allow to dry out completely. Cool and
join in pairs with vanilla flavoured whipped cream. Serve in small paper
cases if wished. Makes 2 dozen. Meringues may be made well in advance and
stored in an airtight tin. Join with cream just before serving.



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