Couscous and Ground Turkey

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Title: Couscous and Ground Turkey
Yield: 1 Servings
Categories: Main Dishes


-(serves 4)


1 lb of ground turkey dash(es) of ground allspice
dash(es) of ground cinnamon 2 cloves garlic, finely
chopped carrots, sliced lenghtwise, and ~3 in long
green onions asparagus butter olive oil 5+ cups
prepared couscous

Double Mustard Sauce:

I made this by making up a thick white sauce,
replacing about 1/2 the milk with a grey mustard, and
adding mustard powder to taste. I then adjusted the
thickness with milk. Brown the meat, and add spices to

Steam the veggies, then saute briefly in butter and

I found the timing worked best if I started the
couscous and sauce ahead of time, then did the meat
and veggies almost simulatneously, since they both go
fairly quickly.

Serve by putting a bed of couscous on the plate, pour
a line of sauce down the center, and meat over the
sauce. The veggies go on either side of the plate.

I think I ended up using between one and two cups of
couscous (cooked) per serving. Depends on how hungry
you are I guess.


From: (Lisa S. Lewis)

Source: Fantastic Foods brand couscous
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