Diet Salad Dressing Lessons

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Title: Diet Salad Dressing Lessons
Yield: 1 Servings
Categories: Food



Salads may be light, BUT salad dressings can be a diet killer; they are the
number 1 source of ffat for many women. Bottled fat free dressings are an
easy solution but you can also slim down your homemade dressings by
following these simple tips.

1) Gradually change the ratio in classic vinaigrette, three parts oil, one
part vinegar to 1/2 and 1/2 or use less than 50 percent oil and make up the
difference with juice or water; add a touch of sugar to reduce tartness.

2) Try balsamic vinegar or rice vinegar with a drop of soy sauce.

3) Be creative with basics, add toasted sesame seed to lemon juice or whip
plain yogurt with oil, vinegar and dill.

4) Stir things up with other fat free flavourings. Mustard (dried or
prepared), fresh herbs, citrus zest, worcestershire sauce and minced garlic
are all great additions to FF sour cream or yogurt.

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