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Title: Dressing
Yield: 6 Servings
Categories: Turkey, Dressings



The one secret to my dressing is Salt Rising bread. My Grandmother always
used it with other bread (we had to keep it a secret because my father
hated salt rising even though you can not tell is is in there). I also have
a hard time making just a little dressing and it always looks like I'm
fixing for an army. Basically I cook the neck, heart, liver etc. in water
to which I add 1 stick of butter and celery tops for flavor for my liquid.
If the dressing is too dry I use chicken broth for additional moisture. I
toast 1 loaf of day old white bread and 1 loaf of salt rising bread. I then
break the toast into small pieces. Add a pkg. of Pepperidege Farm stuffing
to the toast. Cook a good portion of chopped celery and onions in broth.
When tender add to bread mix. Form in to serving size balls and place in a
buttered baking dish. Spoon additional broth over balls. Bake at 350 for 1
hour or until brown. We do not like soggy dressing so I do not stuff the
turkey. This dressing is moist and is very easy to serve. If I have too
much for Thanksgiving I freeze the uncooked balls and use them at Christmas
which helps speed-up dinner that busy day. I hope that your kids will like
this recipe mine always liked the idea of the balls.