Egg Wash And Potato Flake Coating for Thin Fish Saute

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Title: Egg Wash And Potato Flake Coating for Thin Fish Saute
Yield: 2 servings
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8 oz Flounder fillet

------------------------------OTHER THIN FISH------------------------------
Sole fillet
Black bass
Red snapper
Salmon fillet
1 tb Unsalted butter; see options
1 tb Extra virgin olive oil
1 Egg; or equivalent
1 tb Water; if needed
4 tb Potato flakes; approximately
Salt and pepper

1. EGG WASH: Beat 1 egg and 1 tablespoon water with a whisk or fork. Dip 1
large or 2 medium fillets in the egg. Let any excess egg drip off so only a
thin coating remains.

2. In a saute pan, cook equal parts of butter and extra-virgin olive oil
over medium-high heat until golden brown (1 to 2 minutes).

3. POTATO FLAKES: Coat each fillet with a thin layer of potato flakes.
Press the flakes into the flesh of the fish. Gently shake off any excess so
only a thin coating remains. (Do not allow flakes to draw moisture from
fish. Cook the fish within 1 minute.)

4. Place the fish in the pan. Do not season (See tip 1). Saute briefly for
1 minute per side. (See tip 3)

5. Let the fish rest uncovered for a few minutes (See tip 2.)

TIPS (review): 1) Never season the fish before cooking. Seasoning will draw
the juices out during cooking and the result will be tough, chewy fish.

2. Instead, season immediately after cooking. Let the fish rest for 1 to 2
minutes; 2 to 3 minutes for (thicker cut) salmon.

3) Doneness is really a matter of taste. He prefers fish that is
translucent on the inside and moist throughout. Most Americans prefer fish
that is cooked until it flakes -- that would be overdone to him. He
recommends sauteing 1 minute per side (for Salmon fillet, flounder, black
bass, red snapper). EXCEPTION: 1 minute 15 seconds per side for sole.

PER SERVING: with 1 tbs each butter and oil and counting all of the egg:
142 cals, 16g fat (58%); assumes oil from pan is served with fish.

~- Recipes from Jean-Georges Vongerichten in SIMPLE CUISINE, Easy Recipes
for Four-Star Food (1990: MacMillan). -- email from
2/99 to ELF, FS -- NUTRITION (estimated by Mastercook)

OPTIONS - To reduce calories from fat, use egg white, 1 tsp each butter and
oil : with flounder 143 cals, 5g fat (31%). This entree is meant to be
eaten with other foods.

NOTES : To saute thin fish such as flounder, sole, red snapper, salmon
fillet, and black bass, you must be careful not to dry it out. Leaving the
skin on one side of a fillet provides the most natural protection against
loss of moisture and adds the flavor of the sea. Saute skin side down
first, same times, omit the coating. For skinless fillets, use a simple
coating to protect the flesh: a light coating of unseasoned flour, an egg
wash, or potato flakes. "Instant potato flakes, believe it or not, provide
an interesting foil for the delicate nature of fish." J-GV

Recipe by: Jean-Georges Vongerichten's SIMPLE CUISINE

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