Eggs with Caviar

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Title: Eggs with Caviar
Yield: 12 Servings
Categories: Side Dishes, Appetizers, Christmas


12 Hard-boiled eggs
1/3 c Mayonnaise
Salt, pepper
1 2 oz. jar caviar

Cut eggs in half, scoop our yolks of each into bowl. Mash together egg
yolks and mayonnaise, season with salt and pepper. Place a heaped
teaspoonful of egg yolk mixture back into egg halves. Put a small
teaspoonful of caviar over egg mixture. If desired, red and black caviar
can be used for colour contrast. Source: Dinner Party Cookbook ch.
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Date: Sun, 20 Oct 1996 13:14:21 -0400

From: Cindy J Hartlin