English Muffin Pizza

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Title: English Muffin Pizza
Yield: 1 Servings
Categories: Snacks, Kids


Englesh muffen

Take an englesh muffin and Put some sause and any kind of cheese and
parsaly. Put in the oven for 375 degreze. Cook for about 10 or 15 minets.
Then take out of the oven, let it cool. And it is ready to eat.

Source: Lisa Rodriguez, "The Second Grade's Book of Favorite Recipes for
Moms!" 1978, Assumption School, Wood-Ridge, NJ. Typed in Meal Master
Format by Lisa (Rodriguez) Clarke, 1995.

My mother was looking through a folder of loose recipes to see if she could
find me a good rye bread recipe, and she came across a cookbook that my
second grade class put together. These recipes were all submitted by the
kids in my class, so they contained lots of spelling errors, and funny
vagueness. There is a recipe for hot dogs in there that just says
basically to boil the hot dogs and put them on rolls. Cute stuff. Anyway, I
typed them all up (preserving the spelling errors, of course) and put them
in a ZIP file in the Mixing Bowl file section. If you are interested, it's

And in the meantime, here's my recipe (I think I had the most spelling
errors of the whole class!).

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Posted by LISA on 10-02-95

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