Fatfree Products

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Title: Fatfree Products
Yield: 1 Servings


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The following is a list of Fat-Free grocery items that we like. These are
readily available in Milwaukee area grocery stores, and we use most of them
a lot.

Heathy Choice Pasta Sauces - Fat free, low salt, and delicious. Definately
saves time over cooking your own sauce. Having these on hand allows you to
make a very quick spagetti dinner when pressed. Available at almost all
area stores (although different stores seem to have different varieties).

Henri's Fat-Free Salad Dressings - No oil, and also no aftertaste. The
Honey-Dijon is our favorite. French and Italian are also very good. Also
available in almost all area stores.

Heathy Choice Fat-Free Grated Cheeses - Cheddar and Mozzarella. It tastes
ok in recipes that call for cheese, but I don't think I'd try eating it.
Doesn't melt too well. Old El Paso Fat-Free Refried Beans - Warm these up,
put them on Fat-Free Flour Tortillas (also pretty easy to find), add taco
sauce and a little fat free cheese, and you have great burritos in a hurry.
If you are feeling a little more industrious, cook up some onions, garlic,
and peppers, too.

Health Valley Products - Soups, Chili, Crackers. Most Fat-Free or extremely
low fat, and very good. Often found in the "diet" sections of grocery
stores, or in Health food stores.

Haagen-Daas Chocolate Sorbet - A truely excellent Fat-Free chocolate

Boca Burgers - Original Recipe is Fat Free. And they taste amazingly like

charcoal-grilled hamburgers (especially if you tend to add ketchup, onions,
mustard, relish, etc to your burgers). Available in some some pic'n'saves,
reliably availabe at health food stores, like Health Hut in Brookfield.
However, at about $4.00 for 4 burgers, We don't plan on having them too
much. We are starting to lose our taste for burgers, anyway.

Quaker Oats Rice Cakes - Fat-Free, Low Calorie Snack(and sometimes you HAVE
to have a snack). Lots of flavors. Our favorite is Caramel Corn.

Mori-Nu Lite Silken Tofu - This took us forever to find. Tofu is great
stuff, but relatively high in fat. This stuff is only 1 gram of fat per
serving. The only place we have found this is the Health Hut in Brookfield
(But its hard to find. Its up high in the third aisle east.)

Eggo Special K Waffles - Great frozen waffles, fat free. Available almost

Pepperidge Farm Fat-Free Brownies - SOmetimes, you just HAVE to have a

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