Fergy's Shotgun Mop

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Title: Fergy's Shotgun Mop
Yield: 1 Servings
Categories: Barbecue, Marinades


Oil; 50%
Cider vinegar; 15%
Worcestershire sauce; 25%
Apple juice; 10%
Spices and TX Pete to taste

I let the picnic smoke sans mop for about an hour then baste it every 1 to
1 1/2 hours with Fergy's shotgun mop. recipe follows.

The main thing is at least 50% oil! Also, I feel that you need to add extra
KICK if you want it spicier because the oil seems to block some penetration
of the spice. Also, I strongly believe that to get better smoke penetration
(i.e. start with lower heat and build up) is a necessity if you want a
strong smoke flavor. The oil seems to also block smoke penetration. I have
had great success with oil and the start low method. But then, I like to
belch on Wed. and blow smoke rings from Q on Sat.!!!
Posted to bbq-digest by Jim Anderson on May 31,