Four Vinegar Cole Slaw

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Title: Four Vinegar Cole Slaw
Yield: 1 Servings
Categories: Barbecue, Side Dishes


1 Head cabbage; chopped fine
1/2 lg Yellow onion; chopped fine
1 c Celery; chopped fine
2 tb Sugar
3 tb Basil vinegar
3 tb Balsamic vinegar
3 tb Malt vinegar
3 tb Red wine vinegar
1 tb Garlic powder
1 tb Honey
1 tb Worcestershire sauce
1 tb Soy sauce; superior grade
1/2 tb Nuoc mam
2 tb Brown mustard seeds; crushed
Black pepper
Crushed dried tabasco

Finely chopped jalapenos;
-to taste

Chop cabbage fine and soak in water and ice in the refrigerator for one
hour. Drain. Place a small cloth towel in the bottom of a bowl. Line the
bowl with paper towels and put the cabbage in. Chill for another one to two
hours, meanwhile mixing all the remaining ingredients together. Bring out
the cabbage, remove the towels, and combine cabbage thoroughly with other
ingredients. Let warm to room temperature, and serve.