Ginseng Recipes

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Title: Ginseng Recipes
Yield: 1 Servings
Categories: Spices


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AMERICAN GINSENG ROOT SLICES They prove to be an easy and convenient
way to take ginseng. Take some with you on a trip, to the gym, or to
the office.

AMERICAN GINSENG ROOT POWDER Use 1 tablespoon with your favorite
beverage or in hot water for tea. For something different, sprinkle
it on salads, toast, or on main dishes!

AMERICAN GINSENG EXTRACT Add an extra kick or a little flavor to your
favorite caffeine-free soft drink. It can also be used as a tea when
added to hot water.

AMERICAN GINSENG ROOT TEA Simmer 4-5 medium roots in a crock pot or
on the stove for 3-4 hours on a low setting with a little water. This
makes a great ginseng tea.

AMERICAN GINSENG LIQUOR EXTRACT Soak 3-4 fresh ginseng roots in 1
litre of a strong liquor (brandy or whiskey) for at least ten days.
Deer horn or cinnamon may also be added to strenghten taste and
effects. Use one shot daily.

FRESH GINSENG AND FISH SOUP Mix together 2-3 fresh roots, 1 fish, 4
oz. pork, 6 red dates, and 5 slices of ginger. After cleaning all
ingredients, bring them to a boil in some water. Let simmer for one

AMERICAN GINSENG & CHICKEN (Beef or Pork) Combine 2-3 ginseng roots
and 3/4 chicken. Add water and simmer for 3-4 hours. Herbs like
astragalus, black or red dates, or fructus lycii may be added.