India Pale Ale 2

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Title: India Pale Ale 2
Yield: 54 Servings
Categories: Beer, Brewing


9 lb Pale Malt
3/4 lb Crystal Malt
1/2 lb Carapils Malt
1 1/2 oz (4.9%) Kent Goldings (60
1 1/2 oz (4.9%) Kent Goldings (15
1/4 oz Kent Goldings (dry)
1 ts Irish Moss (15 Minutes)
2 ts Gypsum
2 oz Oak Chips
Wyeast 1059 American Ale

Mash pale malt at 153 F for 30-60 minutes. Test after 30 minutes. Add
Crystal and Carapils and mash-out at 168 F for 10 minutes. Sparge. Bring to
boil. In a saucepan, boil the oak for no more than 10 minutes, then strain
the liquid into your boiling kettle. Boil the wort, adding boil- ing hops
after 30 minutes and the flavor hops and Irish Moss after 75 minutes.
Chill and pitch a quart of 1059 starter. Dry hop in the secondary
fermenter. The beer will clear in the bottle. I've fallen head over heels
in love with 1059 American Ale Yeast. I find it gives wonderful pear and
rasberry aromatics, and if I have a carboy filled to the shoulder, I
*don't* need a blow-off tube. It gives a very gentle fermentation with a
relatively short thick kraeusen. Worts in the 1.050's take 5-6 days. I get
the same type of fermentations at 60 F or 72 F. It does take this yeast a
little while to clear. I find it clears faster in the bottle than in the
secondary, so I only use a secondary for a few days as my "dry hop tun".
Primary Ferment: 7 days Secondary Ferment: 5 days

Recipe By : Josh Grosse