Individual Pizza Appetizers with Shrimp

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Title: Individual Pizza Appetizers with Shrimp
Yield: 1 Servings
Categories: Shrimp, Appetizers


1 Thin pizza crust
Sliced tomatoes
Fresh crushed basil leaves
Mozzarella OR other cheese

To a super thin crust, add sliced tomatoes, fresh crushed basil leaves, and
shrimp, sliced in half and arranged around the pizza. Add Mozzarella,
Gorgonzola or Chevre cheese, freshly grated.

*REF: Shrimp Recipes 11-Apr-98 WEBstationONE from San Diego, Ca, USA.
Shrimp Recipes and cooking tips from supplier, Ocean Garden: see or

1998-Apr Hanneman/Buster

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