Karmelized Muskrat (Bavarian)

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Title: Karmelized Muskrat (Bavarian)
Yield: 4 Servings
Categories: Vietnamese, Main Dishes, Ethnic


1 Fresch Muskrat (R-r-road Kil
1 Hickory plank, slightly
1 tb Kookingkt oil
Larger dan muskrat
1 ts Salt
2 Green onions
1 ds Pepper
1 tb Fisch sauce

Skin ze fresch muskrat undt discard ze skin.( Kan be safed undt tanned into
leader.) Nail ze muskrat to ze hickory plank, karefully stretchingkt out.
Khop ze green onion fine. Heat ze oil in 2 quart pot, den add ze onion undt
de r-r-remainingkt ingktredients. Saute, stirringkt, on medium heat until
ze sauce ist done. (about 5 minutes or more). Place planked muskrat in a
large pot, add 4 kups uff water and simmer, uncofered, on medium heat for
ein hour. Add ze fisch sauce undt continue to simmer on medium heat 1 more
hour. Most uff de vater vill be absorbed by ze meat und de r-r-remainder
vill be slightly dick--or karmelized. Be kareful not to burn it. R-r-remofe
ze muskrat from ze pot karefully ! Seperate ze muskrat from ze plank, undt
place meat to ein side. Pour de sauce from ze pot ofer ze plank. Totally
discard ze muskrat undt eat ze plank ! Bon Appetite. Serfe hot as a main
disch, mitt lots uff rice.

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