Katjang Sauce (Katjang= Peanut)

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Title: Katjang Sauce (Katjang= Peanut)
Yield: 1 Servings


4 tb Peanutbutter.
1 Onion
Water; (the sauce ought to
-be creamy, not thin, not
-too thick)
1 Red pepper.
2 tb Soysauce
A bit vinegar
Lemon juice
A bit salt
1 ts Sugar.

chop onions and pepper finely, and mix them with the peanutbutter. While
stirring pour the water, add the vinegar, soysauce,and lemonjuice. Let the
sauce boil for about 5 minutes. Keep stirring, it may burn. Mix the salt
and sugar with it. Instead of pepper you can use a bit salsa sauce. Make it
as hot as you like, or -when you don't like hot at all- use tomatoketchup.
A bit coffeecream is good in it too.

I myself use much more spices and herbs in this. You can eat this with
white rice, as I said, and pieces of chicken or turkey fried with an onion
and a bit soysauce.

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