Lamb Teriyaki with Mushrooms

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Title: Lamb Teriyaki with Mushrooms
Yield: 6 Servings
Categories: Japanese, Lamb


1 1/2 lb Lean cooked leg of lamb
1/4 c Japanese style soy sauce
1/4 c Rice/sherry wine
2 ts Ground ginger
1 Minced small garlic clove
12 oz Small washed whole mushrooms
2 Quartered and separated
2 tb Salad oil

Cut meat into 2-inch cubes, discard any fat. Combine lamb with soy sauce,
wine, ginger and garlic in plastic bag set into bowl. Marinate for two
hours or longer in refrigerator. Reserve marinade; thread meat on skewers,
alternating with mushrooms and onion leaves. Wipe gently with oil. Broil 4
inches from heat 3-4 minutes a side, basting occasionally with marinade.

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