Microwave Grains

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Title: Microwave Grains
Yield: 1 Servings
Categories: Fat-Free


1/3 Brown rice
1/3 Barley
1/3 Millet

I was bored with rice, so I mixed 1/3 brown rice, 1/3 barley, and 1/3
millet. Rinsed well, then put it in the microwave for ten minutes on high,
and let it stand for a few hours. (I just put it in a big plastic bowl,
and I didn't measure the water.) It was yummy underneath chili, beans, and
spaghetti sauce. (3 different meals.)

Source: apparent original

Posted by "Aliza R. Panitz" to the Fatfree
Digest [Volume 15 Issue 18] Feb. 18, 1995.

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