Nightingale Dopplebock

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Title: Nightingale Dopplebock
Yield: 1 Servings
Categories: Beer, Brewing


7 lb Light Scottish Malt Extract
1 lb Dry Dark Malt Extract
1 1/2 lb 80L Crystal Malt
6 oz Chocolate Malt
2 oz Black Patent Malt
8 oz Dextrin Malt
1/4 ts Brewing salts
2 oz Perle Hops (bittering)
Alpha=7 6%
1 oz Hallertauer Hops (aromatic)
Alpha=3 9%
1/2 ts Gypsum
2 Packets
2/3 c Corn sugar for priming
Water to 5 gallons
Red Star Lager yeast

Mash crushed Crystal and Dextrin Malts in a pan of water at 150F for 1
hour. Strain through collander into main kettle and sparge with 150F
water until it runs clear. Add enough water to kettle to dissolve
extracts (approx. 3 gallons). Dissolve extracts, salt and gypsum into
kettle and bring to a ROLLING boil. Stir in 1/2 oz. Perle Hops and boil 15
min. Stir in 1 oz. Perle Hops and boil 15 min. Stir in Choco late and Black
Patent Malts (UNCRUSHED!) and boil 15 min. Stir in 1/2 oz. Perle Hops and
boil 15 min. Add Hallertaur Hops in the last minute of the boil. Strain
though a nylon meshed colander into Primary fer mentor. Top up to 5 gallons
with cold water. Cool wort as fast as possible. (I cool- ed it to 80
degrees in 9 minutes.) At 80F add yeast. Ferment for 12 days at 40-48
degrees. Rack it into the secondary and let it sit and ferment VERY slowly
for 1 month at 32-40 degrees. Bottle and let age for a full month at 34
degrees. This brew is not quite as strong as a traditional Dopplebock.
However, the resulting beer was none less than excellent. It had a good
shot of malt flavor (esp. the chocolate!). The head quite creamy. The hop
ping was perfectly balanced. It is the smoothest homebrew I've ever had.
Original Gravity: 1.060 Final Gravity: 1.025
Primary Ferment: 12 days @ 40--48 degrees Secondary Ferment: 1 month at
32--40 degrees

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