Nuoc Leo with Tamarind

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Title: Nuoc Leo with Tamarind
Yield: 6 Servings
Categories: Vietnamese, Condiment


1 tb Tamarind paste
1/2 c Plus 3 tablespoons water
1 tb Vegetable oil
2 Cloves garlic, chopped
1/3 c Tuong
1 ts Granulated sugar
2 tb Peanut butter
2 tb Roasted Peanuts

Soak the tamarind paste in the 3 tablespoons water.

Heat the oil and add the chopped garlic; cook briefly. Add the water from
the tamarind to the saucepan, discarding the remaining tamarind paste a,and
seeds. Stir and add the tuong, 1/2 cup water, sugar, peanut butter. Mix
well and boil for 2 minutes, stirring constantly. Sprinkle the nuts on top
of the sauce and pour into individual bowls for serving.

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