Nutty Shrimp (Or Chicken) Pasta

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Title: Nutty Shrimp (Or Chicken) Pasta
Yield: 8 Servings
Categories: Shellfish, Oriental, Sauces, Thai


1 lb Pasta of your choice,
1 pk A Taste of Thai Peanut
-Sauce Mix
1 cn A Taste of Thai coconut
-Milk (reg)
1 lb Cleaned medium shrimp or
-Bite-size Boneless/skinless
1 c Bean sprouts (optional)
1/4 c Unsalted peanuts; chopped
1/2 c Scallions; chopped

In saucepan bring coconut milk to a boil. Stir in peanut sauce mix. Add
shrimp or chicken. Cook until done. Add bean sprouts. Combine sauce
and prepared pasta. Sprinkle withchopped peanuts and scallions. [IG's
guesstimation is 8 servings.] A Taste of Thai may be found in your
store's Asian food section. If not, please call 1-800-243-0897. Source:
Coupon circular, 2/11/96. Typing & MM format provided by Iris Grayson.
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