Pad Nuea Nam Man Hoy (Spicy Stirfry Beef

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Title: Pad Nuea Nam Man Hoy (Spicy Stirfry Beef
Yield: 10 Servings
Categories: Meat


2 -(up to)
3 tb Garlic; chopped
2 -(up to)
3 tb Shallots (purple onions);
2 lb Beef; cut into bite sized
-pieces; more or less
1 c Oyster sauce
3 tb Worcestershire sauce
1 tb Fish sauce
1 tb Chili powder (prik phom);
Fresh black pepper
1 tb Fresh ground ginger
Chopped onions

Date: Tue, 20 Feb 1996 18:14:38 -0500

From: The Meades
This is a simple stir fry dish: nam man hoy is oyster sauce. Put a little
oil in a wok and saute a couple of tablespoons of garlic, and a couple of
tablespoons of shallots (purple onions). Add about two pounds of beef, cut
into bite sized pieces. You then add a sauce consisting of oyster sauce,
Worcestershire and fish sauce. Stir it until it begins to simmer. If it
is a little dry, add a little water. Cover and leave to simmer for five
minutes. Then add about a tablespoon of chili powder (prik phom), fresh
black pepper, a tablespoon of fresh ground ginger, and some chopped onions,
and stir until heated through.


From the Chile-Heads recipe list. Downloaded from Glen's MM Recipe