"Philly" Stuffed Mushrooms?

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Title: "Philly" Stuffed Mushrooms?
Yield: 2 Doz
Categories: Vegetables, Appetizers


-----------------------------FROM CHEF FREDDY'S-----------------------------
2 lb Fresh mushrooms [med size]
6 tb PARKAY margerine
8 oz Philadelphia Brand Cream
-Cheese [softened]
1/2 c Kraft Natural blue cheese
2 tb Onions [chopped]

Remove mushroom stems and chop of them to measure ? cup... Cook half
of the mushroom CAPS in 3 Tb of margarine over medium heat for 5
min., and then drain... Repeate with remaining mushrooms &

Combine cream cheese, blue cheese, mixing well until blended... Stir
in chopped stems and onions, then fill mushroom caps...

Place on cookie sheet and broil until golden brown...

brought to you by Fred Goslin, from the KRAFT Philadelphia Cream
Cheese Cookbook on Cyberealm Bbs (315)-785-8098 in Watertown NY

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