Pickled Jalapenos

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Title: Pickled Jalapenos
Yield: 1 Servings


See instructions

howdy all chile aficionados. Remember that notice about the feb. 15 hotluck
chez michele in San Francisco? It actually happened and i am still here to
tell you all about it, oh, one and a half months or so after all the

Michele Anderson

INGREDIENTS: one pound red or green jalapenos/1 cup water/one and one half
cups white vinegar/one half cup mild oil (like olive oil_/3 mashed garlic
cloves/ 2 carrots, sliced/ one onion, sliced/ 2 bay leaves/one to two
teaspoons salt.

Instructions: char the chiles and place them ina plastic bag to steam for
10 minutes. remove the charred skins under cold water, leaving the chiles
intact. do not cut open. combine all the ingredients except the chiles and
simmer for 5 minutes. place the chiles in a quart jar and pour in the hot
brine. you will have to sppon the sliced carrots and onions into the jar.
the chiles will keep in the brine, refrigerated for a couple of months.
p.s. I added about 10 dried scotch bonnet peppers to the batch. they lent
the mix a smoky-sweet nuance. Posted to CHILE-HEADS DIGEST V3 #307 by
tony.lima@toadhall.com (Tony Lima) on Apr 27, 1997