Pork with Tofu

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Title: Pork with Tofu
Yield: 1 Servings
Categories: Japanese, Pork, Tofu


2 tb Peanut oil
1 lb Pork; cut into strips
1 Onion; cut into slices
1 cn Water chestnuts; sliced
3 Fresh mushrooms; sliced
1 c Water
2 tb Sugar
2 tb Soy sauce
1/2 ts Grated ginger
2 tb White soybean paste
1 pk Tofu; cubed

In a skillet (a wok will work too), heat oil and stirfry pork. Add onions,
water chestnuts and water. Combine sugar, soy sauce, ginger and soybean
paste. Add to pork and vegetables. Add tofu. Cook about five minutes.
Serve. busted by sooz
Posted to recipelu-digest Volume 01 Number 227 by James and Susan Kirkland
on Nov 08, 1997