Potato Pancake No. 2

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Title: Potato Pancake No. 2
Yield: 1 Servings
Categories: German, Breakfast


2 lb Potatoes

2 tb Flour
1 sm Onion, grated
4 Strips Bacon, cooked
2 Eggs, beaten, crumbled
1 pn Black pepper
1 ts Salt
Butter or margarine
2 ts Chopped parsley

Peel potatoes, wash with cold water and drain. Grate at once and drain off
water that collects. Mix potatoes, onion, flour, bacon bits, eggs and
seasonings, blending well. Heat butter in skillet. Just before butter
browns, drop in 1/3 cup batter and flatten out. When golden brown on one
side, turn pancakes over and cook till crisp and brown on other side.
Should make approx. 12 pancakes. Best served with sour cream.

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