Spicey Beef Casserole

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Title: Spicey Beef Casserole
Yield: 4 Servings


1/2 pt Unsweetened orange juice
1/2 pt Beef stock
1/2 ts Thyme
2 ts Cinnamon
500 Grammes; (17 oz)
100 Grammes mushrooms; (approx 4
2 ts Brown sugar
1 ts White wine vinegar
Salt and pepper
1 tb Flour

Now for a recipe. I got the idea from the January issue of the Weight
Watcher's magazine but modified the recipe a bit so that I could make it in
the crock pot. I made it four dinner the other night and it tastes rather

Mix the dry ingredients together and coat the beef evenly with them.

Pour all the wet ingredients into the crock pot. Add the beef and cook on
high for 6 hours.

Points per serving for those using the 123 success program 6.5.

Posted to EAT-LF Digest by Donna Slater on Mar
10, 1998