Squash Pie

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Title: Squash Pie
Yield: 8 Servings
Categories: Desserts, Bakery, Pies, Holiday, Vegetarian


Pie dough for single crust
4 c Unpeeled & cubed butternut
-- squash & 2 thin slices of
-- squash to garnish
1/2 c Sucanat (or white sugar)
3 tb Arrowroot
2 tb Agar flakes
1/2 ts Cinnamon
1/2 ts Nutmeg
3/4 c Soy milk
1/2 ts Ginger powder
1 ts Vanilla extract
1 tb Soy oil
1/2 c Pecan halves, for garnish

2 tb Barley malt syrup
1/4 c Water
1 1/2 ts Agar flakes

Roll out pie dough & line a 9" pie pan. Trim & crimp edges. Set aside.
Steam the squash in a covered pot with about 1" water until the squash is
soft. Drain & set aside the 2 slices for the garnish. Put the rest of the
squash in the blender with the other ingredients except the pecans & the
glaze & blend till smooth. Pour into the pie shell. Arrange the pecans
around the edges of the pie. Place the squash slices in the centre with 1
pecan piece. Bake at 350F for 40 minutes. Reduce heat to 250F, cover pie
with foil, & bake for 20 minutes or till pie tests done. Let cool
completely, then brush on the glaze. GLAZE: Place ingredients in a small
pot & bring to a simmer. Cook until the agar flakes are dissolved (5 to 10