"Store Recipe" Polenta

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Title: "Store Recipe" Polenta
Yield: 1 Servings
Categories: Vegetables, Italian


1 c Cornmeal; yellow or white
1 ts Salt
1 c Cold water
3 c Boiling water

Recipe by: lgirardi@carbon.denver.colorado.edu (Leo J. Girardi) 1) combine
meal, salt, and cold water. Slowly pour into the boiling water, stirring
constantly. Again bring to boil, cover, reduce heat to very low and simmer
till thick, or about eight minutes, stirring three times. 2) Pour into a
greased 9" x 9" pan. Cool. Cover top with wax paper. refrigerate till
thouroughly chilled. 3) Turn out on a cutting board. With a sharp, wet
knife cut half the polenta in one-inch squares and bake, broil, or fry, as
indicated. Refrigerate or freeze remainder for later use.

My grandmother just sent me a "store recipe" for Polenta (yes good
spelling). This is from one of the old Italian food stores in Denver.
Located in what, 30yrs ago, used to be the Italian section of Denver.
Article goes on to talk about how polenta is the "spaghetti of north
Italy", etc, etc...

well, now for the way my grandfather (another Leo J. Girardi), and my
family have always cooked it.

Note: use course ground corn meal. You should be able to get it at a local
Italian market.(I can't find it at King Soupers, Safeway, etc)

Use large caste iron pot (dutch oven etc), I don't know if it will work
with any thing else. :-)

boil water with salt added.

slowly pour in, while stirring, corn meal. Keep stirring and adding corn
meal until thick. (note, use LARGE WOODEN spoon for stirring, known as a
polenta stick -- This is what we were always threatened with when bad as
children :)

once cooked and thick. turn pan over, let cool a little. Slice like cake
(into wedges) server with sauce and romano cheeze.

Fry leftovers, cut into cubes, with onions, garlic, potatoes, eggs, etc.
and server for breakfast.

Good luck. It tastes great, but some people don't really understand it.

Oh, sorry for no "amounts". My grandmother and grandfather taught me to
cood by "Thats enough" or "A little more". never used a measuring cup, etc.

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