Surinamese Mixed Rice (Moksi Alesi)

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Title: Surinamese Mixed Rice (Moksi Alesi)
Yield: 1 Servings


1 lb Brown rice
1/3 lb Yellow split beans
1 1/2 pt Water; (or a bit more or a
-bit less...)
1 Big onion; in small pieces
1 Tomato
2 Spoons of tomato paste
1 Hot pepper
1 Vegan bouillon cube;
-(optional, but it ads to
-the "Surinamese" taste)
1 c Cubed pumpkin
1 c White cabbage; coarse cut
Salt; (optional)
Black pepper; (a lot!)

I adapted a recipe that has its roots in the Afro-Surinamese kitchen, but
now is appreciated by all inhabitants. I had to do a lot of adapting, for
in the original recipe all what is forbidden in our opionon is used! I cook
this recipe as a sundays meal.

The aim is that you make a gravy in which you cook rice, split beans and
vegetables. In the end the rice is dry AND tasty. I cook from 1 to 5 on the
stove. Then I put sauce and rice in the rice cooker, but perhaps it is for
a start easier to finisch the cooking on the stove.

The recipe is not too easy to cook in the beginning. You have to develop
the feeling how much gravy you need for your amount of rice. But keep
trying, for in the end this recipe will be a favourite, espcially if you
have to cook for a party.

1. Cook the yellow split beans half done. Throw the cook water away.

2. Simmer the onion a few minutes, add the small cut tomatoe and the
bouillon cube, simmer about five minutes. Add, if neccesary a bit of water.

3. Add the half cooked split beans and the tomato paste. Add the water.
Stir, and simmer another five minutes.

4. Add the pumpkin and cook till pumpkin is half done.

5. Taste the sauce. Add black pepper. The sauce should taste rather strong.

6. Add the drained rice. The sauce level should be a phalanx above the
rice. If necessary, add some water. Taste the gravy again! Stir, let the
sauce cook, and put cabbage and hot pepper on top, and put the pot on the
lowest possible gas. (The pepper gives a special flavour)

7. Simmer for about half an hour. Taste if the rice is nearly done.
Sprinkle if necessary a bit of HOT water over the rice and cook another
five minutes. Take the hot pepper out of the pot and stir the cabbage
carefully - with a fork - through the rice. Put the pepper back.

8. Simmer for another five minutes. The rice should be dry and tasty.

9. Take the pot of the stove, take the lid of the pot and leave the rice
five minutes untouched.

10. Cut the hot pepper in very small pieces (with a fork and knife, so that
you don't burn your hands.)

11. Serve with cucumber, onions and tomatoes in vinegar.

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