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Title: Txuri-Ta-Beltza
Yield: 1 Servings
Categories: Spanish, Basque, Sausage, Lamb, Offal


Lamb intestines,
-both large and small.
Blood, from the lamb.
Bacon, fatty
Tomato and onion sauce

"Another interesting old delicacy is Txuri-Ta-Beltza which is Basque for
black and white. Again it comes from the days when nothing could be allowed
to go to waste, but, if made properly, it can be quite delicious and it can
still be found on restaurant menus in the valley.

"Txuri-Ta-Beltza is nmade from the large and small intestines of a lamb.
Clean the small intestine, boil it and chop finely. Mix with garlic, an
onion and a little parsley, all raw and finely chopped. This forcemeat is
bound with 5 well beaten eggs. Then prepare the large intestine, clean it
and turn it inside out like a glove. Fill with the stuffing, tie well and
boil in water until it looks like a sausage and is thoroughly cooked.

"The second part of the recipe involves boiling the animals blood. Once
this is cooked put it in a casserole with a little oil, garlic and a small
piece of fatty bacon. Saut=82 well and add a little tomato and onion sauce,
prepared beforehand.

"Allow the sausage to cool and then cut into thin slices and serve with the
blood cooked with tomato."
Posted to MM-Recipes Digest by BobbieB1 on Apr 27, 1998