Uncle Bynum's Barbecue Sauce

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Title: Uncle Bynum's Barbecue Sauce
Yield: 1 Servings
Categories: Sauce


2 Bottles worstershire sauce
1 Bottle tabasco
1/2 ga Vinegar
1 Box pepper [medium size I
1/2 ga Catsup
3/4 lb Oleo [margarine or butter]
Salt to taste
1 1/2 Lemons [juiced and deseeded]
1 Jar (small) mustard [yellow]
1 tb Sugar
4 cn (#2) tomatoes
4 md Onions [probably
-videlia (sp); (yellow) and

I dug around in the plastic container that is filled with old family
recipes and found: Uncle Bynums Bar B Q Sauce!! (Uncle Bynum was one of 9
brothers and sisters of my Grandfather - originally from Eastaboga, AL) I
will list the recipe as it was written, with my suggestions in brackets []
(see below).

Cook 'til well done [probably for 1/2 a day].

Family members would not talk to each other for a whole year if they
didn't get their fair share after the family reunions. Let me know how you
like it!! 2 bot worster [2 bottles of wostershire sauce] 1 " tabasco [1
bottle of tabasco]
1/2 gal. vinegar 1 box pepper [medium size I guess] 1/2 gal. catsup
(last) [add last] 3/4 lb. oleo [margarine or butter] salt to taste
1 1/2 lemons [juiced and deseeded] 1 sm. jar mustard [yellow] 1 tbl.
sugar 4 #2 cans tomatoes 4 med. onions [probably Videlia (sp), (yellow) and




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