Vietnamese Lemon Grass Baked Chicken

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Title: Vietnamese Lemon Grass Baked Chicken
Yield: 4 Servings
Categories: Chicken, Fruits, Vietnamese


-------------------------WALDINE VAN GEFFEN VGHC42A-------------------------
1 Chicken or favorite parts;
2 Stalks lemon grass; bottom
-6" only, slice diagonoally
1/2 c Low-sod soy sauce
2 tb Canola oil
1 tb Fish sauce
2 cl Garlic; mince
1 ts Sugar
2 Unripe green bananas;quarter
4 sl Fresh pineapple; halve

Mix lemon grass, soy sauce, oil, fish sauce, garlic and sugar. Pour over
chicken, cover and refrigerate for at least 3 hours or overnight. In baking
dish, arrange chicken, undrained, in single layer. Add banana and
pineapple; pour remaining marinade over all. Cover and bake 350~ about 30
minutes. Remove cover and turn chicken. Return to oven and bake, uncovered,
about 30 minutes more. Serve over rice. 478 Cal, 20 gr fat, 37% fat.

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