Standalone WIFI (wireless) repeater

The goal of this project is to create a standalone WIFI repeater .  Something that would repeat a week wireless network into a strong separate one.  After a number of attempts
this was accomplished using a  linksis router running the open sourced firmware called WWW-DRT.  Other routers will also work, but not just any router..
Here is how to set this up in 10 easy steps



1) obtain a suitable router. Either buy one and flash it yourself to the appropriate version of WWW-DRT OR buy one on E-bay that has already been flashed

2) plug in a Ethernet   cable to one of the output ports (other end to laptop) , plug router into the wall

3) open a browser to htp://      Username  root    Password   Admin

4)Go to tab "Setup", sub-tab "Basic Setup":

wifi repeater1

5)  Now in the last step you changed the routers address so put that in your address bar

6)Log in Go to tab "Security", sub-tab "Firewall":

    * Uncheck all check boxes and set firewall to "disable".
    * Click Apply

wifi repeater2

7) Go to tab "Wireless", sub-tab "Basic Settings":

    * Set Wireless Mode to "Repeater"
    * Under "Wireless Physical Interface", set "Wireless Network Name (SSID)" to the network you wish to repeat. Set Network Configuration to "Bridged".
    * Click on "Save Settings" ("Virtual Interfaces" section does not appear until you save the changes)
    * Click on "Add" under "Virtual Interfaces", and enter an SSID (such as "repeater"). AP Isolation is "disabled" and Network Configuration is "Bridged".
    * Optional: Set Wireless Channel to "Auto" (or your preferred channel).
    * Click Apply

- If the host AP settings Wireless>>Basic Settings>>Wireless Network Mode is set to "G-only" then your repeater must also be set the same way....otherwise you will not make the connection from the repeater side - 09/22/07

repeater3 8)5. To repeat any network dynamically (make this a universal wireless repeater), the following will make the repeater connect to the first available SSID:

    * Go to tab "Administration", subtab "Command".
    * Copy and paste the following into the edit box:

nvram set wl_ssid=""

    * Click the Save Startup button.

           if you want to repeat a particular network put its  SSID (name )in Step 7

    * Note: this will not automatically repeat secure/encrypted networks. If your source network uses WEP or WPA, enter the ssid under the Physical Interface in step 4 instead, and proceed to the next step.

6. You may use security (WEP, WPA, etc) in repeater mode. An example application of this would be to make the repeated network private (for your use only).

    * Go to tab "Wireless", sub-tab "Wireless Security".
    * Setup WEP (or other security) under virtual interface.
    * Configure your client/computer to use the same security.

YOUR DONE!!!! This will repeat the first  Open wireless network it encounters



 10) If you wish to dynamically repeat the STRONGEST signal (a more sophisticated version of #5 above) please read the AutoAP Wiki Article. If you wish to dynamically repeat the STRONGEST signal (a more sophisticated version of #5 above) please read the AutoAP Wiki Article.

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