The BEST  Windows mobile apps

There are thousands of free win mobile applications for windows mobile 6.1, 6.5, and 7.0 out there on the net. I have spent many days configuring my  smart phone (Samsung Omnia 2 ) trying many of them. Here is a list of the most useful apps.
To save you having to do the same search I put them all in one Zip file that is available  in my download section HERE




Call quality is now SO good you will not know you are on VOIP

SJ phone
 For all non-skype Voip
    E-book reader

Mobi reader
Multiple formats supported

AL readerV2.5
 Another good E-book reader

wifi repeater1

Monster WIFI
Best WIFI scanner

Another good scanner

Scilors WIFI
 Internet EVERYWHERE check it out

GPS sports tracker
A good simple GPS tracker for the sports man

google maps

Lite track
My favorite all around GPS tool

Navi computer
A very well supported open sourced app


My mobler
Use your phones “desktop” on your PC

SK tools
A variety of useful utilities

     Free appps store
omni market
Download free win mobile apps directly to your phone

 PPCPIM backup
A must, a stable real back for all your phone stuff



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