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How To Try To Avoid Diabetes

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Diabetes is a scary disease for most people, especially people who cannot afford proper medication, regular visits to the doctor and self-testing equipment.

For these people, diabetes means what it has always involve throughout history: numb extremities, poor sight or blindness, amputations and an early death.

Therefore, it ought to become a major issue of everyone to learn how to attempt to avoid diabetes. The first thing is not to panic, because many individuals believe that we can bring circumstances down upon ourselves by thought alone.

In other words, we are or get what we think of the most. It could be true, so do not worry, if you can avoid it. The people the most predisposed to diabetes are those who have a family history of it; those who are obese and some pregnant women.

If you come into any or a couple of the ‘at risk’ categories, the first thing that you should do is acquaint yourself with the disease and how it can manifest itself, so that you are constantly on the look out for danger signs. Furthermore, you ought to also inform your physician that you are worried about diabetes.

It is well-known that diabetics have ‘too much glucose in their blood’, but it is not at all certain that eating sugary or starchy foodstuffs to excess causes diabetes. If you do consume these foodstuffs to excess, the likelihood are that you will be obese and then there is a greater risk of diabetes.

However, if you eat these things and then burn them off through strenuous physical labour or exercise, in a way, you have not consumed them ‘to excess’. Nevertheless, it is worth thinking about your lifestyle and whether it could be improved.

Have your doctor run a few tests to see if you are in a pre-diabetic state and then you will have a clearer understanding of what you should do to keep clear of ‘definitely’ becoming diabetic.

Even if you can only afford one trip to the GP, this is the test you have to have.

One thing is certain, if you consume a healthy diet, you will have less chance of becoming ill for whatever reason. Eating healthily will give you a better opportunity of avoiding serious illnesses such as diabetes.

Starch and sugar are the enemies of diabetics because they increase the blood-sugar level very quickly resulting in spikes that a diabetic’s body cannot handle well. Avoid these fast burners and stick with slow-burning, fibrous fruits and vegetables. Meat is also slow-burning, as are whole grains, pulses, lentils and beans. Fish is low in calories.

Weight is a big issue and eating sensibly over a period of time will normalize your weight. You will not become fat from breathing air, solely by eating more calories than you use up. You have to consume to give your body enough nutrients to function.

However, these nutrients come wrapped in calories and often with more than you require, therefore you need to exercise to burn them off. You do not have to work out in the gym to burn off a few hundred calories a day.

Take the dog for a walk or take your partner for a walk or even go alone. Buy a bike and cycle a bit each evening. Swim a little, but do something.

Owen Jones, the writer of this article, writes on a variety of subjects, and is now concerned with diabetic friendly meals. If you would like to know more, please visit our web site at Cookbooks For Diabetics.

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