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Andre Black's Carrot Cake
Andrea's Fudge Cake
Angel Cake
Angel Cake a la Anna
Angel Cake Surprise
Angel Delight
Angel Food Cake
Angel Food Cake
Angel Food Cake
Angel Food Cake
Angel Food Cake
Angel Food Cake Topping
Angel Food Cake with Vanilla Custard Sauce
Angel Food Cakes - Hints
Angel Food Ice Cream Cake
Angel Food W/ Strawberry Filling
Anglesey Bakestones
Anglesey Cake
Anglesey Cake - Cacen Sir Fon
Ann Fowler's Toffee Crunch Cake
Ann Kathleen Mckay's Strawberry Cake a la Dacquoise
Ann Lander's Pound Cake
Ann's Strawberry Angel-Food Cake W/sauces-Pt1
Ann's Strawberry Angel-Food Cake W/sauces-Pt2
Annella Campbell's Company Cake
Annie Mae Jones' Sponge Cake for Strawberry Shortcake
Any Fruit Coffee Cake
Anything's Better Than Sex Cake
Anytime Cake
Apfelpfannkuchen (Apple Pancakes)
Apfelquarkkuchen (Apple and Cream Kuchen)
Apfeltorte (Apple Cake)
Appalachian Spoon and Fork Cake
Apple and Carrot Cake
Apple and Cream Kuchen
Apple and Custard Pinwheels
Apple and Potato Cake (Bakestone Recipes)
Apple and Rum Custard Cake
Apple Blossom Cake
Apple Brandy Cake
Apple Butter Stack Cake
Apple Buttermilk Loaves
Apple Cake
Apple Cake
Apple Cake
Apple Cake
Apple Cake
Apple Cake
Apple Cake
Apple Cake (Flourless)
Apple Cake 2
Apple Cake Deluxe
Apple Cake in a Jar
Apple Cake Supreme
Apple Cake with Caramel Sauce
Apple Cake with Cinnamon
Apple Cake with Icing
Apple Cheddar Shortcake
Apple Cheese Icing
Apple Chip Snacking Cake
Apple Cinnamon Cake
Apple Coffee Cake Cyberealm
Apple Coffeecake with Cinnamon
Apple Corn Johnny Cake
Apple Crumb Cake
Apple Crumb Coffeecake
Apple Crumble Cake
Apple Crunch Cake
Apple Crunch Coffee Cake
Apple Dapple Cake
Apple Date and Walnut Cakes
Apple Dilly Cake
Apple Dump Cake
Apple Dumpling Muffins
Apple Dumplings
Apple Gingerbread Squares
Apple Harvest Cake
Apple Hermits
Apple Honey Cake
Apple Nut Cake
Apple Nut Coffee Cake
Apple Nut Pancakes (Motts)
Apple or Cherry Doughnuts
Apple or Plum Cake
Apple Pie Cake
Apple Pound Cake
Apple Praline Pie
Apple Raisin Walnut Cake
Apple Raspberry Tart (Motts)
Apple Rum Cake
Apple Sauce Cake

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